Get immediate relief and more clarity about your life
from a larger perspective through Focusing. 

  • Transform the inner criticizing voice
  • Develop good boundaries
  • Heal deep and chronic shame
  • Resolve inner conflict
  • Move past blocks and get in the flow
  • Make decisions and trust they are right
  • Listen to the message of a pain or symptom
  • Free your creativity

Experience new possibilities and fresh energy to move forward!

While teaching at Mayo Medical School in Minnesota, I was introduced to Focusing in 2008 by one of my medical students who had met Lucinda Hayden and learned about Focusing on a retreat. The student was so enriched by the experience that she insisted I learn the process.

I’ve studied and taught Taiji/Qigong for many years as well as practiced different types of meditation and was open to learning something new. Focusing was not only something new and different, it turned out to be life-changing! The student and I both studied Focusing with Lucinda for a number of years.  We brought Focusing to Mayo Medical School and assisted Lucinda in teaching a class on Focusing for medical students open to learning deeper intra-personal and inter-personal skills.

Focusing grants you waking access to parts of yourself that drive both emotion and behavior.  It shows you how to successfully change your relationship with the past and is one of the best ways I’ve encountered to heal trauma. By changing your relationship with the past and past events,  Focusing releases vast amounts of creative energy back into your life that can be used in myriad ways to take you to a new level of existence.

Having Focusing as a tool in my personal life and clinical practice has been profoundly positive. Along with Ann Weiser Cornell, Lucinda has been my main Focusing teacher and I remain both awed by her skill and grateful for the gifts she has brought to my life.

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Your Teacher, Coach and Guide

In the 1990s, I was in private practice as a hypnotherapist.  There’s a lot of value in hypnotherapy and I was having some great success but I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results that I was getting for my clients.

In my personal life, I was having a hard time getting over a painful break-up.  I’d heard of Focusing and decided to see if it could help the heartache…  AND I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

After just a few minutes of Focusing, I had a huge shift of perspective, knowing — not just from my head but actually experiencing from my whole being — that it wasn’t the right relationship for me. I went from feeling devastated and so depressed that I could hardly move — to happy, grateful and ready to move forward — in about 30 minutes.

I knew that Focusing was the key for both my own personal journey as well as the greatest gift that I could bring my clients.  I’d been on the path of personal and spiritual development all of my life.   I’ve found great wisdom in everything I’ve studied, from psychology to comparative religions.  In fact, they all say basically the same thing…love yourself.   But none of them say HOW to do that as concretely as Focusing does.  Focusing showed me exactly HOW to love myself.

After that life-changing experience, I immersed myself in Focusing and joined Ann Weiser Cornell to bring Focusing to the world.  Now I can bring you the best of Focusing and hypnotherapy combined.

In Focusing, I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for so long!  Focusing deepens my relationship with my inner self, like opening hidden inner doors and letting light shine on buried resources. I now use Focusing both with myself as well as with my clients.

I first met Lucinda in 2014 when I took the basic Focusing Level One training and did a series of private sessions with her at the same time.  From the first minute of the course, Lucinda creates an atmosphere of acceptance, openness and connection in the whole group. She is a wonderful warm-hearted teacher, fully present and authentic. The course is so well structured: Lucinda’s teaching is clear and simple; her answers to students’ questions are profound and person-centered.

Doing private sessions with Lucinda at the same time while taking the course helped me learn Focusing on a much deeper level than I would have otherwise.

Lucinda is a great ambassador bringing Focusing to the world. I highly recommend learning Focusing from her through Focusing Resources!

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What is Focusing?  

Focusing helps you become your largest wisest self.  It’s NOT about concentrating or just talking “about” your problems.  Focusing is a way of listening to yourself where things become clear and “in focus.”

Originally discovered in the 1960s at the University of Chicago by the philosopher and psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin, it has been further developed by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. Their version, called Inner Relationship Focusing, incorporates the use of brilliant facilitative language.

NOTE: Before setting up a conversation with me,
get a 20-minute experience of Focusing in this
free audio & workbook

 3 Tools for Transforming Difficult Emotions

Lucinda has the remarkable combination of great ability to connect with people from the heart AND being a visionary who can see positive possibilities far into the future.  She is a fabulous teacher and a sensitive, empathic Focusing facilitator who can connect with the potential in her students and clients to find the way to help each person get from where they are to where they want to be.


2 Ways to Focus Together

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Other Ways to Work With Me

Private Sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes, combine Focusing with coaching and hypnotherapy, and are delivered by phone.

Single session   $195
3-session package  $525 (save $75)
5-session package  $750 (save $225)

SAVE $100 on the 5-session package
by taking a Focusing course at the same time.
Only 2 spots available for the discount!


Group Focusing Classes

Learn Focusing for yourself by phone or Zoom.
The Level One course fee
includes a Focusing session with Lucinda. 

Feb 13 to Mar 13 
5 Wednesdays; 11 am – 1 pm Pacific
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$395 through end of day Jan 23
$445 on Jan 24
Don’t Miss Out: Last day to register Feb 6


Since 2014, Lucinda has been my teacher, mentor and guide, helping me navigate changes in my life, and encouraging me to discover and live my potential. She brings a presence and generosity of self to my private Focusing sessions with her that helps me find my own ground.

With her sensitive and skillful guidance, I am able to listen with curiosity and compassion to the voices in me that are wanting to be heard. And in that magical listening space that Lucinda is so gifted in creating, that speaking and that hearing, hers and mine, I have discovered my own next steps of growing into being.

Karen DeHart

Other Ways to Work with Me

The Hero's Leap

The Hero's Leap

Private Sessions

These sessions are completely tailored to the leap that you’d like to make, so that you can overcome what’s blocking you, transform deep core issues and live the life of your dreams.


The Hero’s Way – Group Course

Through a group course on Zoom, we embody the archetypes of the Leader, the Visionary, the Healer and the Teacher to bring your biggest SELF to your work with others, make more money and
have a greater impact.


Presence In Motion

Presence in Motion

Tango and Focusing

An in-person workshop in San Francisco, introducing you to the basics in Focusing and using simple tango walking as a vehicle to practice being FULLY  in your own body WHILE connecting with another.

Designed for people with no dance experience, this workshop reveals a powerful way to become more PRESENT to yourself and others.

No partner required

Next workshop:
Sat & Sun  May 19 & 20, 2018
10:00 to 5:00


Focusing is a mind-body awareness method that helps you find greater ease, clarity, and freedom from old emotional patterns.

Join one of our live, online courses to experience relief from your emotional struggles.

Are you stressed? Out of touch with yourself? Feeling confused about how you feel and what to do?

With our foundational course, Level One Focusing, we’ll begin to teach you all about the wisdom of the body and how it can help you. In this sense, Focusing does not mean concentrating. The kind of Focusing we teach is a respectful, mind-body awareness method that helps you find greater ease, clarity, and freedom from old emotional patterns.

Are you hard on yourself?

Focusing is gentle and respectful. We often think we need to be forceful with ourselves in order to make something change – but force just creates resistance. Gentleness can be the most powerful choice in the inner world.

Do you believe certain feelings shouldn’t be felt?

Focusing is inclusive. All your feelings are welcomed. There is no “getting rid of” anything. You learn a way of being with your emotional states from a larger, calmer place.

Are you worried about getting stuck in the same old stories?

Focusing is positive. It’s about your next steps. You don’t have to tell your story again or get stuck in what’s wrong. Focusing lets you get in touch with the forward-moving energy that belongs to you without pushing anything away.

What really makes change possible?

When you give yourself gentle, respectful, inclusive, and positive attention, your emotions get what they need in order to transform on their own – without so much effort and work on your part. Yes, even your most difficult emotions can be sources of positive change and growth.

Start living your fullest life with Focusing. Read on to learn more about Focusing and how our training puts you in charge of your life.

Level One Focusing: At A Glance

Who  – For anyone interested in improving their life. Also for Healing Professionals who’d like to find new ways of working with clients.

Where – Live Online Course – join us from anywhere in the world!

When – Level One by phone meets for 2 hours a week over 5 weeks. Courses start 4 times per year: twice in the Fall and twice in the Spring.  Find out when our next Level One starts here.

What – Get started with Level One of our Four-Level Inner Relationship Focusing Program and receive transformative lessons & exercises, a helpful student manual, downloadable readings, audio, and video, and expert guidance from supportive teachers.

How – We use Zoom, an online video conference platform, to connect you to other students and the teacher. It’s easy and fun to use, great to see your fellow students and the teacher. You can join us via your camera-equipped computer, tablet, or smart phone. Prefer not to be on video? You can call in by phone. Students receive access to a private webpage where materials can be found.

Why – We believe that every person deserves greater self-acceptance, better emotional balance, and more satisfying relationships.

Cost – Level One starts at $395 with early registration discount, and includes an individual 50 minute session with Lucinda.  Healing Professionals Track available for an additional $75.  Enroll Risk Free!

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